20th Anniversary Edition

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Our 20th Anniversary Edition of my Memoir is available at Amazon in Hard Copy, E-Book, and Audio. If you would like an autographed copy, just let me know. I will sign it and mail it to you myself. I try and warn people this is a no-nonsense story. I didn't pull any punches and you may not like me after [...]

38 Years & Always My Best Friend!

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  After almost 38 years of a wonderful friendship, my lovely wife Beth has always been behind all of my successes and helped me up during my failures. I am truly a very Blessed Man! Now we are embarking on our newest venture together as we turn our retreat, St. Francis Lodge, into St. Francis Lodge Bed & Breakfast, a Free Retreat [...]

Fathers Day

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Yesterday was Father's Day and my wife and I spent it up at our private Retreat we call St. Francis Lodge, on beautiful Lake George, in the Paul Bunyan Forest, ( www.saldileo.com/ St. Francis Lodge) in northwest Minnesota, just a few miles where the Mighty Mississippi begins its' 2,500 mile journey to the Gulf Of Mexico. It is a magical place for us [...]

Beth Retires After 40 Years In Audiology!

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Beth, after 40 years is retiring from her beloved career as an Audiologist. She has served so many with her passion of making sure all of her patients are treated with the best care to insure they can hear. What a remarkable career she has had.   In July of 2018, Beth and I will be moving from our home [...]

Bob Davis Podcast Helps Tell My Story

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Radio Interview Of My Life and Book I was very fortunate to have been interviewed by the Bob Davis Podcasts. Bob is an interesting person and someone whom I respect for his honorable journalism in his work. I don't always agree with him. But, I know he presents the information with research and integrity. To hear the podcast, [...]

National Radio Interview On My Life and Book

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I was very honored yesterday to have been interviewed by Radio Host, Bob Davis, whom I have known for over 5 years. I respect him for his journalistic approach to interviews. I don't always agree with him, but feel he is thorough and fair. Below is the link to that Podcast discussing my life and my book. If you have [...]

Visiting New York City

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I had a chance last week to go to New York City for Business and Pleasure. It was so nice to see my lovely daughter who lives in Brooklyn and who has a great career working for a superb company. I am a proud dad. My wife and I are so thrilled she most importantly turned out to be a [...]

“Good People Do Win!”

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My wife and I just returned from a trip to see our good friends of almost 40 years down in Louisiana. They have done very well over the years and have a lot to show for it; a beautiful family, many good friends, a gorgeous estate out in the country, to name a few. What is most important, is they [...]

Successful People Usually Have This!

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Not long ago, a young person whom I have been training, who is a Business Development Manager for one of my clients asked me, "Is there a common thread for successful people that you have seen over your many years in business that is not taught today?". I can honestly say, I was so impressed with this 29 year old who asked such a profound question. I [...]