After The Storm

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This past week we had another Spring blizzard in northern Minnesota. This one came as a bit of a surprise in how strong the winds were, besides the 13" of new snow with it. Our little respite, St. Francis Lodge (, was right in the path of the storm. After the three storm a calm came over our campus. I [...]

Retracing Your Footsteps In Life

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If you ever have a chance to retrace your life's footsteps by going back to all the places that deeply impacted your life to see if you can see what happened still has a power over you, I would recommend it. Screen Writer Dan Hendrickson and I have been doing this as we continue on to Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, [...]

Screen Play For Memoir Completed

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After 20 years, I have been very fortunate to have found screen writer Dan Hendrickson, from Minnesota. For the past 6 months Dan has worked diligently on adapting my Memoir, "Did I ever thank you Sister?" to a Screen Play for a major motion picture as close to the written story as possible to maintain the integrity of the story. [...]

Celebrating 20 Years St. Francis Lodge

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EST. 1999 36137 New Melahn Road, Lake George, MN 56458 612-382-3582 It was 20 years ago, April of 1999, that Beth and I purchased the land on beautiful Lake George, MN that we founded St. Francis Lodge on ( . It has truly been a wonderful journey that has brought so many good people into our lives and who have been [...]

Bemidji Early Morning Rotary Club

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                                                                                              EST. 1999                                                                                 36137 New Melahn Road, Lake George, MN 56458                                                                                                                       612-382-3582 Yesterday, despite 25 below temperatures, we had a good turn out of Rotarians to allow me to present "The Power Of Gratitude". They were a terrific group of People. I am big fan of the "Four Way Test" and all that Rotary does in our [...]

54 Years Later!

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Last week, Dan Hendrickson, the Screen Writer who is creating a screen play for a film on my Memoir, "Did I ever thank you, Sister?", and I went back to Joliet, IL to do research on historic sites in my early life, and to meet with some of the friends I have stayed in contact who were with me in [...]

2018 St. Francis Award For Peace Winners Announced

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Est. 1999  36137 New Melahn Drive, Lake George, MN 56458  612-382-3582   For Immediate Release: January 8, 2019- Press Release "His Holiness-Pope Francis, US Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN), Delta Airlines, Rotary International,‘2018 St Francis Award For Peace’ Recipients" Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019; Lake George, Minnesota:  US Senator Amy Klobuchar from MN, Rotary International, Delta Airlines, Pope Francis, are the 2018 recipients of the [...]

20th Anniversary Edition

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Our 20th Anniversary Edition of my Memoir is available at Amazon in Hard Copy, E-Book, and Audio. If you would like an autographed copy, just let me know. I will sign it and mail it to you myself. I try and warn people this is a no-nonsense story. I didn't pull any punches and you may not like me after [...]

38 Years & Always My Best Friend!

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  After almost 38 years of a wonderful friendship, my lovely wife Beth has always been behind all of my successes and helped me up during my failures. I am truly a very Blessed Man! Now we are embarking on our newest venture together as we turn our retreat, St. Francis Lodge, into St. Francis Lodge Bed & Breakfast, a Free Retreat [...]

Fathers Day

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Yesterday was Father's Day and my wife and I spent it up at our private Retreat we call St. Francis Lodge, on beautiful Lake George, in the Paul Bunyan Forest, ( St. Francis Lodge) in northwest Minnesota, just a few miles where the Mighty Mississippi begins its' 2,500 mile journey to the Gulf Of Mexico. It is a magical place for us [...]